When talking about cleaning up your environment and reducing your toxic load, air and water need to be at the top of your priority list.  The cocktail of chemicals that are in your air and water put significant stress on your entire system and should be minimized where possible.  
With air it’s a little simpler… you can…
+ Use a quality air filter
+ Clean out your central air system to make sure there is no mold and wipe down your air vents
+ Open windows to get fresh air in
+ Diffuse essential oils that purify the air like lemon, eucalyptus, or lavendar
+ Add some house plants
+ When you purchase new rugs, furniture, pillows, etc, let them breathe outside for a few days to allow toxins to offgas before bringing them into the house.

With water, removing all the bad can be simple if you add a full house water filter, but that can be a big upfront investment.  

Alternatively, you can add an under sink filter, shower head filter, and/or have a table top option.  You actually soak in more toxins in the shower and bath than you do from drinking, so not something to forget! You specifically want to make sure the filters you choose are removing fluoride and chlorine!

Cleaning the water is one thing, but a lot of filters ALSO remove the good (minerals), which are essential to making sure the water actually makes its way into your cells.  You can learn more about how we mineralize our water here.

Here are some resources for you to learn about the air and water in your area… and below are some great options for keeping your air and water as clean as possible!
What is in the Tap Water in Your Area?
NASA Clean Air Study- House Plants