Current Business Opportunities

The world is in a crazy place and with so many struggling to afford gas, let alone food, more than ever it’s in our heart to help you become "Harder to Kill"… aka

…to become more resilient
…to be able to make money so you can support your family and a healthy lifestyle
…to provide you options so you don’t feel stuck
…to allow you to be financially independent
…to give you control of your own time
…to help you succeed

I receive DMs every day from people forced to leave their jobs due to mandates who have no idea what to do or how to support their families.

That’s why we’re creating programs of support to turn financial freedom and stability into something attainable.

 We’re working with our team to build out these programs of support, and as of right now, we have 3 ways to help you earn a living or some side income if that’s the season you’re in.

Each of these business opportunities allows you to…

- Work from home
- Own your own time
- Build as large a business as you want
- Connect with others
- Work within the system, or carve your own path
- Generate assets that will make you money for years to come
- Help others live a healthier life, bringing you a sense of purpose and fulfillment

Here are the ways we currently can support you in creating an income for yourself…

Option 1: Kangen Water Business

Join our Enagic community (Kangen Water) where you are fully supported and have the opportunity to build a hight ticket affiliate marketing business.

By signing up to our team we provide you with a six week course that guides you step by step through a process that teaches you how to automate your business.

We provide you with the skills to learn how to create online ads, set up funnels and how to grow your social media. We also provide telegram channels with like minded individuals that are also going through the same process as yourself.

It is an incredible community of health conscious people that are supporting each other by marketing and bringing the incredible benefits of Molecular Hydrogen water to one household at a time.

To learn more about this business you can watch this web class and contact Sanny at

Option 2: ASEA

Join our ASEA team as an associate and share ASEA’s incredible healing products with the world!

We have a very different business model built around ASEA than your standard MLM.

We believe so much in ASEA, but not in the standard MLM model, so we’ve developed our own!

We’ve hired a team to support you every step of the way, teach you how to share, build a landing page, educate, and truly turn your personal testimony of how Asea has helped you, into a business that can provide you an additional income for the rest of your life.

No one wants to sell to their family or can read all about our ASEA biz dev program here!

You might even notice that when you ordered ASEA or signed up as an associate, the name that came up wasn’t myself or Arlynd? That’s another benefit of being a member of our team! We HELP you build by sharing our commissions and associates.

To learn more about ASEA and join our team, you can contact Sanny at or join our weekly team zoom at 11:30 PST. You can save this link and join anytime!

Option 3: The Good Inside

Unfortunately we all already know how the toxic load in the world is just getting bigger and bigger.

You all know that I am a huge fan of binders and minerals--I have been taking them and talking about their benefits for years. This company makes a very gentle zeolite binder that is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into using them.

This is a wonderful opportunity because you can sign up as an affiliate for FREE and try network marketing at no cost to you. Sanny can provide you with gift cards to grow your business on occasion and you can always connect with her on her instagram @sannywithachanceof and she will be happy to support you.

Option 4: Beautycounter

My girlfriends and I talk about hair and makeup all the time. Most women I know love new makeup and skin care products and it’s so normal and authentic to share the products we use and love!

Aaaaaaaannnnd most women love a good discount!

That’s honestly why I joined Beautycounter as a consultant 5 years ago…for the deep discount because I’m always buying makeup and skincare anyway!

You can join our Beautycounter team for the same reasons cause we’re having so much fun and supporting each other :)

We help you build your business through weekly zooms, team-building mentorship, and more. You can reach out to Sanny at to learn more about our program and how we can help you kickstart your business!

Our team of incredible, passionate, funny, and REAL women is growing so fast and I’m seriously dreaming of a team trip soon!

Option 5: Organo King Coffee

You know how much I love my coffee and so when we travel I like to take along our non-toxic, screened-for-mold KING coffee.

It is super easy to take with you. It's an instant coffee so I can order some steamed milk at any coffee shop and just drop it in there along with my tinctures and other things I like to add to it.

This too is a company that allows you to get discounts for signing up as well as to build a team. For coffee lovers this is a great and pretty straight forward side business. Go here for more info! 

Option 6: Integrative Health Practitioner

Become an Integrative Health Practitioner and help individuals and groups get to the root causes of their health issues, instead of just providing a bandaid.

Integrative Health Practitioners specialize in 7 disciplines of integrative health from around the world.

With this certification, you will learn how to combine these disciplines to provide real, actionable roadmaps and plans to help your clients and community rebalance their minds and bodies.

- Ayurvedic Medicine
- Bioregulatory Medicine
- Chinese Medicine & Herbalism
- Eastern Philosophy
- Traditional Naturopathy
- Orthomolecular medicine
- Functional Medicine

BUT, keep in mind, becoming an IHP doesn’t limit you to JUST being a health coach…there are countless ways you can use an IHP education to change lives.

This community has given us so much, and we want to support you in every way we can. We have the most incredible teams and look forward to meeting you and helping you build!

Angi & Arlynd