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FAQs Answered So Far:


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Where are you guys moving?

This was by far our most commonly asked questions and we don't have a specific answer yet. If you are following along on Instagram I am posting stories along the way but am making sure I am focusing my energy on our kids and each other right now as this move is an extremely intense season for me.

We have currenlty stopped in Texas and are meeting with some of you we have met online and it's been such an incredible blessing!! This may not be where we land permanetly, but it feels good to be looking at property and thinking creatively in this season.

Where is the best place to start if I am just getting started on my health journey?

If you're just getting started... congratulations on taking control of what you can, and committing yourself by taking the first (and often times hardest) step!

Remember, everyone's journey is different. Every BODY has a different level of toxicity, different response to stress, different nutrient requirements, and different needs to create balance. Understanding and identifying your biggest challenges and what's holding back your health is an important first step.

Each week we will dive deeper into improving nutritional choices, sleep, movement, stress, toxicity, and other essentials to a healthy life. We will also go over what might be holding you back from healing. Before we do that, we wanted to start with some general first components...

Again, DO WHAT YOU CAN, with what you have, in the season you're in!


  • Sunshine (early morning and sunset)
  • Movement (walking, stretching, breathing, sweating, running, skipping, weight training, bike riding... you get it...)
  • Fresh air (get outside as much as you can)
  • Grounding (barefoot on the earth)
  • Laughter (the best medicine)
  • Tears (the most underutilized therapy)
  • Community (real life people because we were not created to be alone)
  • Hydration (water minus chemicals, plus minerals)
  • Sleep (quality over quantity)
  • Nutrition (real food that is alive and full of energy) preferably organic, seasonal and local but again DO WHAT YOU CAN... because orthorexia will kill you before a box of crackers will... so much more on this later. We keep a stock of Organifi powders around for when we aren't able to get access to quality live foods.


  • Stress
  • Technology
  • Chemicals in your products (household and skincare)
  • Processed, GMO, refined, farmed
  • Fear
  • Clutter (stuff)
  • Negative Self Talk

What's involved in the Years of Giving Program other than winning health prizes?

This program will evolve and grow. Our goal is to help you in the season you're in. We have a lot of exciting things planned and hope you join us! Right now, here is what you can expect as part of this new community...

Education: We've recently partnered with an Integrative Health Practitioner to create roadmaps to your health in various seasons.

We will introduce her in the coming weeks, but she's like many of you. She suffered through a lifetime of Lyme disease (and co-infections), parasites, yeast overgrowth, ance, severe gut issues, chronic pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, stress, mold, and depression, anxiety, and countless other ailments. BUT, through diet, lifestyle, supplementation, protocols, and healing technology, she is thriving and is here to help you thrive as well.

Our aim is to assist you in going from where you are now to where you want to be in the most natural way possible. We will do this through addressing root causes and providing you the knowledge and possible tools you need.

We will be sending out blogs, videos, and content helping you go from season to season.

Weekly FAQ's: We will be answering the top 3-5 questions in depth each week that are submitted through our FAQ survey. If you have a question you've been wanting to ask, you can submit them here!

Community Support: We have a new community program in the works that will provide daily support, group challenges, and support you on your health journey.

New Program Annoucements: We have been working on a lot of new and exciting things to benefit our community. Consider yourself a V.I.P. as you will be the first to learn about them before social media.

Partner SALE Roundups: We will be gathering and condensing all of the best discounts from our partners for all the major holidays, and will send you exclusive discounts first and only avaliable to our community!

Healthy Living Gift Guides: We will be putting out NEW holiday gift guides for men, women, and kids (maybe pets too;).

Giveaway Winner Announcements & New Prizes: On the 1st of every month, we will be sending an email to the 3 winners that month. On the 3rd, we will announce the winners to the entire community.

Enter here!

Tell us your love story!!

Our story started at the beginning of our modeling careers, when I was 18 and Arlynd picked me up from the train station in Munich. We had the same Agent and he arranged Aryland to pick me up to make sure I was safe before my next job in Switzerland.

He was dating a friend of mine so it was a mutually respectful friendship that continued on for years. We both married other people but contiuned a deep friendship and actually lived a few blocks away from each other in New York before I moved to Los Angeles with my husband and baby boy.

Shortly after moving to LA, I went through the long process of a divore. We spend 5 years in therapy with 5 different therapists and when I couldn't afford therapy anymore (as a coping mechanism) I took up triathlon and used all hand me down gear. Arlynd and his wife moved to California in the mean time and his wife was separating from him at the time.

Our friendship reunited (we lost touch before cell phones :/) and he started coaching me in triathlon. Our friendship and respect for one and another grew and grew and we eventually fell in love. It was a seemingly impossible union with a very complicated core but with time, a lot of patience and grace we got married and now have 2 children together (just celebrated our 7 year wedding and 25 year knowing each other anniversary) while moving across the country once again.

What's the one tool or product that you can't live without and is an absolute must for your family?

Without a doubt, it is ASEA. When Arlynd works with clients, the first action step is using ASEA. Once they are taking ASEA the path to forward momentum begins and is much faster and more efficient. Optimizing function is the goal, ASEA speeds us the process. For our family its the first thing we use. To us, it is that important.

ASEA is our number one tool for recovery, rebuilding, and helping the body function at its best. ASEA comes in two forms, liquid and gel. The liquid is something our entire family drinks every single day. The gel is something we use on our skin, on cuts, scars, or any area of pain. We always keep it with us.

ASEA redox is cell signaling. What does that mean? It means your cells can communicate with each other and send messages as they are meant to. It is an incredible product that we will talk about in much more depth in the coming weeks.

It's not a magic pill. When you start taking or using ASEA products, it can take 1 day to feel the benefits, or 3 months. It is different for everyone because we are thankfully all bioindividual and have our own recipe of what the body needs to prioritize to heal.

While you may not feel a huge difference, be confident in knowing that it is still doing incredible things inside your body. The key is not to give up. If you are truly looking to improve your health long term, commit to several months of ASEA. Arlynd has a 3 month minimum to give the body the helping tools to heal, within that 3 months there is enough cell turnover for almost all conditions to see very positive results.

Check out the video Arlynd and I recorded about ASEA, or visit (password redox) for lots of additional information.

You have three options when ordering. You can order at full priced retail for a one time purchase(not recommended), sign up as a preferred customer(subscription which you can cancel at any time) and get wholesale pricing, or join as an associate(part of our team) and help spread the message of health to those you know.

If you would like to enroll and become a member of our ASEA team, you can do so here.

Make sure to use our ID(1800510809) when you order. Once you order, we will email you with more resources!

Any advice for a first time mom?

First of all….CONGRATULATIONS!!! My advice is…. find someone to help you! (Not because you’re not competent…but because we weren’t meant to do this alone)

If it’s your mother, your mother in law, your sister, your husband, your aunt, neighbor or a friend…..find someone to help! As I said above…we weren’t meant to raise children on our own. If we don’t learn how to take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of others (especially our kids who can’t take care of themselves).

My greatest piece of advice would be to educate yourself around the 4th trimester!!! We have lost the importance of "mothering the mother…” Make sure you are prepared with nutrient dense and healing meals that are easy to heat for yourself. Know that you will have some really tough moments, days, weeks but they are seasons.

When you are feeling low…my first tips are: tell someone you need help. Make sure you are hydrated and fed. Try and move your body! A walk does WONDERS for your body and brain (preferably outside in nature). Take a cold shower or a long hot bath (whatever feels better at the time) Take 5 minutes and do your hair and makeup.

You can watch my post partum highlights and I will definitely do a longer blog soon because this question is SO IMPORTANT TO ME!!!!! Some amazing resources are “the first 40 days” by Heng OU Give yourself plenty of GRACE.

This is the greatest transition for you as a person! You not only are getting to know your baby, but you are getting to know yourself as a new person at the same time. Everything changes the moment you start to witness your heart outside your body.

How did you stay movtivated when you started training?

I traded in motivation for discipline when I started having more kids. Waiting for motivation is a luxury. When life gets busier I don’t have time for motivation. We have been trained as a culture to use our emotions to make decisions…(think advertising, music, t.v.) and although music is incredibly motivating….it only aids my decision, it doest make it for me.

My decision to train is based on a deep “why”. I train so I can be the best version of myself for my family and anyone I can help during the day. I train so I can deal properly with symptoms of depression and anxiety. I train so I stay healthy and in control of what I can control.

Motivation is fleeting. Discipline brings results. (I have a ton of YouTube videos on my website that I watch and listen to that will make you want to get up and MOVE!)

It definitely helps finding something that you love doing…moving your body can happen in many ways! Running, swimming, walking, bike riding, jogging, weight lifting, pole dancing, detoxing (I have been doing the sauna for my cardio lately)…there are so many options :) find something you love doing to move your body that keeps challenging you or switch it up.

I'm really struggling with my health, have multiple health chronic health conditions, and no idea where to start or who can help me. What do I do?

A few weeks ago in this newsletter we broke down some of the first steps you can take to improve your health.

But, if you're already struggling with ANY chronic conditions, gut troubles, low energy, skin issues, mental health conditions, etc, or just want to truly optimize your mind and body, getting to the root of the problem and working with an Integrative Health Practitioner is the best possible thing you can do.

There are countless root causes of "dis-ease" in the body, and we are all bio-individual. Figuring out which of these root causes is holding you back is an essential part of healing.

Potential Root Causes:

  • Parasites

  • Yeast / Candida Overgrowth

  • Hidden Chronic Infections(tick-borne, etc)

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • Oral Health Issues

  • Mold Toxicity

  • Toxin Overload

  • Leaky Gut / Gut Dysbiosis

  • Lack of Movement / Stagnation

  • Hormones Out of Balance

  • Chronic Stress

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Malnourishment / Lack of Nutrients

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Lack of Stomach Acid

  • Imbalance in Minerals

  • Incorrect Diet

  • And more!

So how can you figure out which is your biggest problem and how to approach it?

Get some functional testing done! Functional lab tests are incredible for getting to the root of the problem.

They are all done via hair sample, urine, saliva, and sometimes a finger prick, but can all be done from home!

We've partnered with an amazing company that allows you to order these lab tests online, take the tests at home, and receive a FREE consultation with an Integrative Health Practitioner to read the results and help you decide on your next steps towards addressing whatever you find!

What's an Integrative Health Practitioner and why do we recommend them?

Integrative Health Practitioners combine 7 integrative disciplines from around the world. They look at the body as a whole, and look at addressing the root of our issues, as opposed to treating symptoms.

They combine Ayurvedic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Bioregulatory Medicine, Chinese Medicine & Herbalism, Eastern Philosophy, Traditional Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine, as well as Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle Medicine to create a program that's truly specific to you and your needs.

Which functional lab test is right for you?

The best way to get a full view of what's happening in your body is to go for what's called the Big 5 Lab Bundle. These 5 labs give you a complete view and don't leave anything out! When you order the Big 5 labs, you receive a free 90-minute coaching call with an IHP.

If you can only invest in one test, we have broken them down below to help you decide which makes the most sense for you. Each of these individual tests comes with a 30 minute health coaching call with an IHP.

Big 5 Labs: Includes the HTMA(Mineral & Metals Test), OAT(Candida, Metabolic, & Vitamins Test), Omega-3, Food Sensitivity, and Thyroid + Adrenal + Hormone Test. This is a great place to start if you want to get the full view of your internal environment.

Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test: Absolutely the go-to lab to find out how your body is functioning from the inside out! With over 75 biomarkers, you will learn about your digestive function, mood and energy metabolites, yeast overgrowth, protein synthesis, mineral metabolism, vitamin markets, and much more! If you're having gut issues, skin issues, energy issues, etc this is a GREAT first test to take!

Food Sensitivity Testing: Food sensitivities cause chronic inflammation, leaky gut, skin issues, energy issues, and a host of other problems in the body! This test goes through 190 common foods!

Stress(Hormone), Mood & Metabolism Test: This test measures your levels of thyroid, adrenal output, and hormones. It measures cortisol at 4 times of day, which is important when looking at how to optimize your sleep, stress levels, and overall nervous system function. An incredible lab for anyone struggling with sleep, hormone regulation, chronic stress, low energy, and more!

Mineral & Metals Test: This test is INCREDIBLE! It measures your minerals, heavy metals, and oxidation rate. You'd be amazed how important minerals and mineral ratios are. Definitely one of our top 3.

Female or Male Hormone Test: If your sex hormones are out of balance, it can really impact your day-to-day life and overall health!

Mind & Body Neurotransmitter Test: When neurotransmitters are out of balance the body may be over or under stimulated -- which can trigger a range of neurological or psychological challenges.

Gut Bacteria & Parasite Test: Find out what types of parasites you have in the gut, as well as H. Pylori, yeast, digestion markers, inflammation markets, and more! If you have gut issues, this or the Complete Candida test above are your best options.

Stress, Sleep, and Hormones Test: Measures Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEAS, Cortisol(4 times of day) and other rations. Similar to the Stress hormone test above, but without the thyroid markets.

Mold Toxicity Test: Find out how much of a problem toxic mold is for you!

Environmental Toxicity Test: This test shows you your total toxic load! With over 77,000 man made chemicals in our environment, there is no question your body is harboring toxins, the question is how heavy of a load you're carrying. The IHP can then help you reduce your toxic load!

Omega 3 & Inflammation Test: By far the most important test when looking at heart health and inflammation. Measuring your Omega 3, Omega 6, and important ratios, this test can tell you your risk of heart disease, as well as give you crystal clear instructions on how to lower your risk and reduce inflammation.

Not sure which test to start with? Ask us here.

If you order a test, make sure to create an account. They have an amazing rewards program towards free products!

How do I get my partner, family, members, and children to start eating healthier, exercising more, or taking positive steps toward health?

This is a sensitive subject for Arlynd and I because as the saying goes…”you cannot be a prophet in your own town”.

Over decades of being in the health and wellness/fitness space, it is our experience that you CANNOT force or convince anyone to do anything they are not ready to do, even if it would be beneficial for them.

This has caused heartache and arguments, but the experience has gained us wisdom, patience, and empathy.

The answer we have found is quite simple.


Instead, what works much better is taking responsibility for ourselves, being an example, and being available for when people come to you for answers.

Make the changes yourself and let them see you with more vitality, motivation, drive, and more excitement for being alive.

In our relationship(25 years ago!), Arlynd was the one who shared with me chloroxygen and supplements I couldn’t even name. (But he wasn’t my husband at the time and so it didn’t feel like “nagging”).

But 10 years later when I was at my lowest and unhealthiest, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and hospitalized, I was the one who had to be READY to accept and ask for help.

I also had to be ready for change, and for many that is the hardest part.

So what are some simple things you can do if they aren’t ready?

1) Focus on yourself aka put your own mask on first. Take responsibility for your own health, your decisions and your habits. Get yourself healthy and they will see you thrive.

2) Clean up your environment and everyone will benefit.

- Switch out your cleaning supplies, detergents and self care products to less toxic/ chemical filled ones. I provide all my favorite clean living supplies on my Women's Wellness Guide.

- Clean up your air with filters and/or address mold issues. We use Air Doctor filters in our home and travel with them.

- Clean up your water with filters and structure. We use Berkey water filters and structure our water with a Somavedic device.(code ANGI)

- Harmonize EMFs that protects everyone in the house. Again, we use a Somavedic for this.(code ANGI)

3) Let them try the drinks and healthy recipes you’re making full of flavor and satiating real whole food.

4) Share your excitement about what you’re learning but don’t communicate it in a way that sounds pressuring or judgmental, just be enthusiastic and even tease about something amazing you learned and how excited you are to implement it into your OWN life.

5) Start slow!!!!! Maybe you learned how toxic store bought deodorants are. Share that small piece of information and even if they don’t make a change right away it’s info that when they hear it from someone else it’s already in their memory bank. These small things can make a big difference!

This is one of the reasons we put together our Mindful Men’s Gift Guide.

We wanted to compile lots of clean and healing products for the men in our lives who are sometimes hard to shop for. Clean deodorants, hair care products, healing tools, and actually really cool, fun sexy stuff.

Any tips for sex after having a baby?

Sex and sexual health are not talked about NEARLY enough….and we are going to try to change that here in this newsletter. But not until we are more settled and not on the road :)

But the quick answer for sex after a baby (whether vaginal OR C section) is PATIENCE mixed with proactive tools and communication.

One of the most disturbing aspects of postpartum care for women is the “6 week checkup”. This is supposed to be when we get the “all clear” for sex (insert hysterical laughing face and then serious sad face).

I had zero tools for postpartum after my first baby when I was 24 yrs old and I remember lying to my husband after my check up with my midwife. I told him she said I wasn’t ready to have sex yet and needed a few more weeks to heal. I was in such a DEEP depression (depletion) I could barely even think about having sex emotionally, never mind physically.

Arggghhhh I need to write a book on this topic alone. BUT for the sake of this newsletter…..remember…sex is healing, sex is loving, sex is incredible but only when 2 people are loving and healing and in communication around it.

Every birth is different, with different physical and emotional triggers and possible traumas. The biggest difference between my first postpartum sexual experience and 3rd (15 years later) was knowledge, tools, confidence in communication and grace.

Knowing so much more about my body, and giving it what it needs during the 4th trimester season of the greatest depletion ever after giving everything to creating a human life inside of me for 9 months. I made sure I was recovering and replenishing on a cellular, physical and emotional level!

Proper hydration is HUGE. Nutrient dense nutrition is HUGE. Skin to skin as much as possible is HUGE. Making sure I had help (even just enough to take a shower) is HUGE.

We used to live in tribes where mothering the mother was normal and imperative to human existence. Now, mothers who take pictures of themselves on a computer while double pumping and “bounced back” are praised (but I can assure you the emotional toll is devastating).

So back to sex…I would encourage you to do pelvic floor exercises (especially if you didn’t during pregnancy) so that your organs don’t prolapse from the weight of the baby and water in utero. This can cause pain during sex.

I would also highly recommend starting with massage (or communicate if you don’t feel like being touched because you have babies hanging off you all day long). Skin to skin with your partner is just as healing as skin to skin with your baby.

ASEA has been my greatest healing tool internally and externally when it comes to cellular communication and rapid healing. I still use ASEA to this day after sex to heal any pain around my episiotomy scar 18 years ago.

Also the Joylux has been a complete game changer for my sexual experience postpartum. (Internal red-light therapy with gentle heat and vibration). But if you are unable to make that investment in your season then I would recommend coconut oil or a nontoxic lubrication.

Ok…more to come on that…that’s what she said…

Any suggestions on how to balance growing your business with time with your children?

The way we are growing our business while raising children is based on prioritizing…not balancing. We quickly get burned out when we try to “balance” everything because it’s IMPOSSIBLE!

When we set priorities and remain flexible (because kids aren’t robots and they have accidents, emotions, needs and phases) we are able to make time for different tasks and not everything at once. Seasons are different for everyone and it’s important to do what you can in the season YOU are in and not compare yourself to anyone else especially when raising children because everyone is so beautifully unique and comparison will steal your joy.

Speaking of joy….that is a key way we are able to build a business and spend time with our family. We have found joy in working from home in a business that helps people! This brings us SO MUCH JOY!

Whether it's working with my beauty counter team, our Asea team, or Young living team, or creating content for partnerships on social media, or talking to personal clients…we are able to do this all from home and prioritize our time and when we schedule “work” that brings us an income, and “work” raising our family.

We make our own schedule and it is able to change as frequently as the kids change. We have not always been able to wake up early because sleep was a priority when the kids were babies, but now that they are older we are able to make it a priority to wake up a few hours before them and fill up my cup so we can give to everyone else from my overflow instead of our reserves… We also take turns to make sure we can create time to focus on taking care of ourselves. You cannot fill anyone else up from an empty cup.