When I turned 20, I moved to New York and traveled the world modeling full-time. At such a young age, I wore a full face of makeup almost daily.
I always felt so beautiful with makeup on my skin, but didn’t realize the toxic chemicals I was putting on/in my largest organ.
During my modeling career, there wasn’t a lot of education on the toxicity of makeup, or options that I was aware of for cleaner versions.
When life fell apart for me after my divorce, I committed to embracing the full meaning of wellness.
A piece of the complicated puzzle of wellness is makeup.
What you put on your skin matters. I’ve also learned that minimizing the amount of makeup you use can lower the amount of toxins that you are putting on your face. Even the cleanest makeup still adds chemicals to your body that your liver then needs to detox. While I was a huge mess in my 20s and 30’s when my toxic load was incredibly high, I am proud to say that with each season that’s passed I learn more about myself and am moving forward in my health.
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