Years Of Giving

Giving The Gift of Health Year-Round!

Introducing our Years of Giving Program that is all about giving YOU the gift of health! (click this link to enter with your email, but make sure to read to the bottom for all of the amazing prizes, info about the program, and how to stay eligible to win every month, indefinitely!!)

Every month moving forward we will be giving away HUGE health tools, and health bundles, and surprising 100+ of our community members with something special in the mail. You only have to enter ONCE for a chance to win every single month!

But the community is so much more than that! You get free access to our NEW fully IHP Practitioner supported wellness community as well!

This is a new, invite only, free Discord community! Come be an intimate part of a community filled with tools, free in depth root cause wellness information, challenges, group detoxers and gut cleanses, and daily IHP practitioner support through any health challenge.

We're currently going through a group 21-day functional detox!


- 1 Grand Prize: Worth $800-$1200 and you get to choose from the prizes below!

 - 2nd & 3rd Place Surprise Bundles: Worth $200-$500- we will have new and fun bundles each month!

- Tons of Surprise Gifts: To increase your changes of winning even more, we're going to send 100+ people a little something special in the mail..

Don't forget, we are giving these away EVERY SINGLE MONTH for years to come! You only have to enter once!


2nd & 3rd Place Bundles

These bundles change every month and season :)

- Sleep Bundle
- Detox Bundle
- Women's Self Care Bundle
- Gut Health Bundle
- Oral Health Bundle


The great thing is, you only have to enter ONCE and you have the chance of winning every month, for years to come!

Here's what you need to do...
1. Enter the giveaway here (You will receive two emails to confirm your entry, make sure to confirm!) - If you are already on the email list, you still need to enter the giveaway to be eligible to win.

2. You must remain a part of our email family by remaining on our newsletter list.

3. You must follow @AngiGreene on Instagram (IF you do not have an IG account, you must be following her on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest.)

4. You must live in North America (you can live outside of North America, but if you win one of the grand prizes you would be responsible for shipping)

5. Once you have entered, we will send you a short survey. This survey will ask for your Instagram handle, phone number, and your mailing address. You do NOT need to fill out your mailing address or phone number to win the top 3 prizes, but if you would like to have a chance of being sent a surprise gift each month, or surprise voice and test messages, those fields are required. All of your details are confidential and will not be shared! They will strictly be used for gifting purposes.


- Chosen: We will be selecting and reaching out to the grand prize, 2nd, and 3rd place winners on the 1st of every month. You will need to respond back to us by the 3rd to be announced and claim your prize.

- Winners Selected: On the 1st of each month.- Announced: On the 3rd of each month, we will be announcing the winners on Instagram and through our newsletter.

- 100+ Surprises: The 100+ additional winner will be chosen randomly and will be surprised with something in the mail :)... we want to keep it fun! They will arrive throughout the month.


On top of the chance to win amazing prizes every month, you will hear from us a few times a week through email or text (if you opt-in after entering). We don't want to waste your time or spam you. Our goal with this program is to help you in the season you're in. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the community and we hope you join us!

- Education: We've recently partnered with an Integrative Health Practitioner to create roadmaps to your health in various seasons.

Our aim is to assist you in going from where you are now to where you want to be in the most natural way possible.

We will do this through addressing root causes and providing you the knowledge and possible tools you need. We will be sending out blogs, videos, and content helping you go from season to season.

- Community Support: We have a new community program that provides daily support, group challenges, and supports you on your health journey. You can join the free, invite-only community here!

 - New Program Announcements: We have been working on a lot of new and exciting things to benefit our community. Consider yourself V.I.P. as you will be the first to learn about them before social media.

- Partner SALE Roundups: We will be gathering and condensing all the best discount from our partners for all the major holidays, and will send you exclusive discounts first and only avaliable to our community!

- Healthy Living Gift Guides: We will be putting out NEW holiday gift guides for men, women, and kids (maybe pets too ;).

- Giveaway Winner Announcements & New Prizes: On the 1st of every month, we will be sending an email to the 3 winners that month. On the 3rd, we will announce the winners to the entire community!

The best part is, you can share this with any of your friends and family so they also have the opportunity to win all these prizes every month... because we know first hand sharing health tools with our families from the horses mouth is sometimes tough...

We are so grateful for each and every one of you and we hope you join us on this exciting journey, Angi and Aryland (and the kids;) ❤️

PS. All of these tools and our other favorite products can be found here.

Pps. Make sure to keep your eyes on your inbox right after entering the giveaway for the confirmation emails and our "What you can expect inside our community" email with the link to they surveys! Also, in case there is a question you've wanting to ask us, there is an FAQ survey in the welcome email.