Step #1 On Our Roadmap to Health...

A Functional Medicine Detox

Over the last few months, we’ve talked a lot about detoxing. We’ve been detoxing for years, but recently did a 21 day Functional Medicine Detox through EquiLife, then did another 7 day to clean things up before jumping into our ParaSupport Protocol (the next phase of eliminating root causes and rebalancing the body).

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These are life changing protocols demonstrated by results from over 250,000 people worldwide as part of a wellness program created by Dr. Stephen Cabral, board certified Doctor of Naturopathy, Founder and CEO of Equi.Life, and Founder of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute with a focus on root cause, integrated health.

He created these products for his own client base, which has now grown to change 100s of 1000s of lives worldwide, every year.

This detox helps you kickstart your health journey, rebalance, and create harmony in the body.

But remember, you can also see massive improvement by adding some of these FREE tools into your life…and we made it easy by putting them together into this incredible guide for you.  You can also find our other favorites for detoxing here.

And NO, this detox isn’t your standard juice cleanse or fast…it’s much more powerful.

It opens up detox pathways to allow more bile flow, easier and more efficient elimination of toxins on a daily basis, and releases toxins that have been stored in tissues for years.

It also provides your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to support itself through the process.

You might be considering doing it yourself, but want to understand more of WHY detoxing is so important?

When you are trying to reach a health goal...

Be it supporting overall health, losing weight, overcoming emotional trauma, your name it….

After implementing some of these FREE tools, you always want to start with a functional medicine detox, and here’s why…

The ORDER in which you move through protocols, detoxes, cleanses, adding new treatments, food plans, exercise routines, supplements etc REALLY matters.

Do them in the wrong order and your symptoms will feel worse.

You ALWAYS want to address the liver, blood, and detox pathways FIRST.

That’s where a Functional Medicine Detox comes in! It’s important to start any health journey by cleaning up toxic waste that’s holding you back from feeling your best - then EVERYTHING feels better, works better, programs are more effective, and you can dive deeper into specifically addressing whatever your end goals are.

BUT, most people feel such a significant difference JUST from completing a 21 day detox, they realize that toxic build up was likely at the ROOT of what was holding them back from living their best life.

Then, everything from there is just BONUS!

Maybe you’ve been trying to lose weight for years…you exercise everyday, you’ve cleaned up your diet, but you never emptied your rain barrel of a lifetime of accumulated toxins.

This will hold you back from reaching your goal weight, and will slow down your progress in a big way.

Toxins are poisons to the body.

Among countless other things, they impact fat cells(causing them to swell and get bigger), hold water, are damaging your cells, organs, and causing imbalance in every system in your body.

Detoxing The Liver Is Like Cleaning Out A Dirty Air Filter. When You Support The System It Can Do Its Job Better.

What are some potential long term benefits of doing A Functional Medicine Detox?

- Clearer thinking + focus
- Improved digestion
- Deeper sleep
- Vibrant Skin
- Weight loss
- Lowered stress levels (internal & external stressors) - Improved liver and gut function
- SOOO much more we can’t say here for regulatory reasons


How does your body deal with these toxins?!


It soaks them all up and expects your trusty liver to deal with them.

BUT, your liver wasn’t made to deal with that level of toxicity and stress!!

This seriously under-appreciated organ is at the core of all health and disease, and when it’s stressed and overburdened, it won’t functional optimally…

What Happens When Your Liver Doesn't Function Optimally?

- Your blood will be dirty…
- You will accumulate toxins throughout your entire body…
- Your gut health will suffer…
- You will gain weight that no amount of exercise will get rid of… - You will get sicker and sicker every day…
- The list could go on forever!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It….

Let’s hear from some of the over 2000 people who detoxed with us in February as part of our first group detox inside our Access Yorize Community!

Here's what they had to say...

We also took a survey of those who completed a detox and the results were incredible!

We asked, on a scale of 1-10, where they were before starting the detox, and where they were AFTER.

It’s an understatement to say going from a 4/10 to a 9/10 is life changing!

But detoxing isn’t easy! It’s worth it 1000%, but we wanted to make sure you had realistic expectations going in. 

Here Are Some Things You Can Expect During and After Your Functional Medicine Detox

- You can expect to be hungry from time to time.
- You can expect to be grumpy, moody, emotional, tired and angry along with symptoms of detoxing including headaches.
- You can expect to have your entire view of food change after the first week.
- You can expect to have a significant reduction in gut symptoms.
- You can expect to lose your cravings for unhealthy food.
- You can expect to start enjoying the taste of fruits and veggies more.
- You can expect to feel very clear headed and relaxed after the first few days.
- You can expect to lose weight
- You will lose toxic water weight. When you release toxins stored in tissues, fat cells shrink. For those who DON’T want to lose weight, there are alterations to the food plan that you can make.
- You can expect to experience some symptoms of detox. This is very normal, but can be minimized with the right preparation!
 - You can expect to have some withdrawals from processed sugar and coffee (if you drink it). Some people continue to drink a small amount of coffee during the detox to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms.
- Most people see improvements in all areas of their health, mood, energy and skin.
- When you’ve finished, you can expect your body to be READY to take on the next phase of healing.

Other Important Things to Know...

- BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!! This is NOT a way to punish your body or “diet”. This is a detox and this isn’t easy or comfortable.

- Having a positive mindset & being open to healing is essential

- Everyone is a bio-individual and will react differently to the detox

- Food prep and planning are going to be key

- The detox comes with a shopping list, so just make sure you are well stocked! We have plenty of recipe ideas inside our Access Yorize Community!

- It’s important to do some PREP beforehand to get your body ready to detox. Again, LOTS of info on this inside our community! Look for the “before your detox” channel!

Detox With Support!

 We don’t want you to feel alone on your health journey. We know how difficult that can be!

That’s why we created the Access Yorize Wellness community, hired Certified Integrative Health Practitioners with extensive experience in Detoxing and Para Support Protocol, and are providing you this incredible community for free!

On the first Saturday of every month, we will be starting a 21-day group detox!

Here’s how you can benefit from doing your detox and all future protocols with our community…
- If you have questions come up, you can message our IHPs directly, or post a question to the chat!
- You can chat with others going through the same thing you are!!
- You can learn about others' experiences with the detox or parasite protocol.
- You‘ll find alllll the info you could ever want about the detox, recipes, FAQs, etc inside our info channels!
- Maybe you already have a health practitioner you’re working with? We recommend continuing to work with them!! However, we know you can’t reach out to them daily or even weekly with questions. That’s where our IHPs come in!! You can ask them questions year round!
- You can get an exclusive 20% discount on all our recommended protocols with code ANGI!
- Our community has only been live for 3 months and will continue to adjust to the needs of our community members!

For all other Detox related questions, please jump into our community here!

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