Detoxing isn’t just about cleaning out the liver and your cells of years of built up toxins..  
Detoxing is a mental/emotional connection, it’s putting your phone down for a few hours, it’s walking in nature, it’s calming the mind of clutter, it’s choosing to eat mindfully instead of habitually, it’s consciously destressing and simplifying our lives, it's part of a sustainable lifestyle and a journey you can choose.

We train our brains to focus on what matters and what we can control, and let go of what we can't.  We’re mindful about what we put into our bodies and allow into our environment.  We make choices to spend a little more on things that won’t set us back on our detoxing journey, and invest in things that will move us forward.
Detoxing is making lots of little choices everyday, and committing to a few big ones.

Here are just some of the choices we’ve made being mindful of how toxins impact our mind and body…
+ We complete a Functional Medicine Detox every 3-4 months
+ We use an infrared sauna & are committed to sweating
+ We exercise 
+ We’ve cleaned up all of our personal care products
+ We’ve cleaned up our cleaning products
+ We spend time in the sun everyday
+ We spend time in nature, walking, running, and playing with our kids
+ We take deep healing breaths
+ We minimize 
+ We declutter
+ We ground
+ We eat clean, organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, Non-GMO, wild, and avoid processed foods that are full of chemicals
+ We drink adaptogens and superfoods
+ We take binders
+ We filter our water
+ We filter our air

There are countless choices you can make in your day that will impact your mental and physical toxic load.  We wanted to make some of these choices easier for you by giving you a list of the best products and brands we’ve found to help you on this journey.  You can also learn all about functional medicine detoxing here.

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