*note…having young children is a short but very difficult season of constant interruption…these tips are in a “perfect” world which no one lives in…but hopefully serve as a checklist or “help list”.

Sleep should be rejuvenating, and cleansing, and should fill up your cup. While we can’t all have the amount of sleep or consistency we want, there are many things you can do to improve your quality of sleep over quantity. Below are a list of FREE tools for you to implement before diving into our favorite products below.
If sleep is a struggle for you currently, try to focus on resetting your circadian rhythm first.
Here are some tips and tools for getting back in sync and waking up feeling a little more refreshed:
- Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday (even on the weekends)
- Wake up with your cortisol spike (normally between 6-7am)
- Try to get natural sunlight on your face first thing in the AM
- Watch as many sunsets as you can (preferably with your favorite calming tea in your favorite mug with a spoon of honey)
- Lessen artificial light and blue light after 7 PM (or wear blue light blocker glasses)

There are also several small adjustments you can make to your daily habits and sleeping environment that will have a big impact on sleep:
- Disconnect your WIFI at night
- Turn your phone to airplane mode
- Make sure there are no electronics plugged in in your bedroom
- Make sure the room is cool
- Make sure the room is dark (even when you’re eyes are closed, light still triggers your brain and disrupts your sleep cycles)
- Avoid eating late at night and consider going for a walk after dinner to lower blood sugar levels

Here are also a few free lifestyle tools you can try:
- Wear blue light blocking glasses after 7 PM to stimulate natural melatonin production and minimize visual stimulation.
- Avoid any electronics for at least an hour before bed to help calm the brain
- Do some journaling! I love gratitude journaling as it allows me to focus on the positives of the day
- Take a hot epsom salt/mineral baths to calm your nervous system. The heat helps your body prepare for sleep.
- Read a book (not on a device)
- A cold or hot shower actually works as an adaptogen and can help you sleep
- Try some breathing exercises to calm your mind and nervous system

Here are some other beneficial habits I like to incorporate into my day:
- Cold plunges
- Infrared sauna sessions
- A crazy hard workout that leaves my body feeling energized and like a sack of potatoes at the same time :)
- Good quality magnesium supplement on the days I feel extra stress or had a more intense workout

You can also listen to a specific frequency of music that has been shown to induce sleep (432 Hz.). You can search on spotify, apple music, or whatever music app you use!

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