Immunity comes from balance, harmony, getting dirty, and spending time in the sun. Your microbiome is complex and was created in our mother's womb and at birth, was strengthened the more you played in the dirt as a kid, and was harmed every time you took antibiotics.
We support our immune systems with our lifestyle and the actions we take everyday to move closer to harmony…here are some of the things we focus on to keep our immune systems strong:
- Get sunlight directly on our skin and belly when possible
- Lessen our processed food intake
- Let ourselves get dirty
- Rest
- Support our gut health
- Support our liver and lower our toxic load with detoxes, coffee enemas, sweating, and a detox lifestyle
- Stimulate bile flow
- Lower our parasite and infection load so our microbiome is in favor of good to bad bacteria
- Provide our cells with the mineral balance they need to function
- Grounding
- Movement to keep our lymphatics moving Lifting weights Infrared saunas to sweat out excess toxins and calm our nervous system
- Remove toxicities from the mouth that are chronically leaking infection and stressing your immune system.

Megadosing on vitamins is not going to give you the immune system you want.
Instead, focus on creating balance, embracing nature, supporting your gut, and lessening your toxic and infection load to remove unneeded stress from your immune system.
If it makes sense for you in the season you’re in, incorporate some of the tools below to enhance and speed up your journey to harmony and balance.

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