Many started following me on IG when I began my oral health journey, and were with me through my surgeries and recovery. Starting this journey was facing one of my greatest fears head-on, and overcoming past dental traumas, but it was SO worth it and needed. You can read all about my journey here…how I prepared for my surgeries, why I decided to have them, and how I went about my recovery.
I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about the oral biome and the toxicity caused by root canaled teeth, mercury fillings, chronic infections in the mouth, and how these are all a BIG root cause of dis-ease and lowered voltage in the body.
I can’t recommend enough finding yourself a holistic dentist in your area, going to get a checkup and 3D cone beam scan, especially if you have any mercury in your mouth or have had root canals done in the past.
Check out the IAOMT website to find a holistic dentist in your area.
You can also read one of the books you’ll find below to learn about the oral biome, or watch one of our videos with our families’ holistic dentist, Dr. Villareal.
Your teeth and brain are connected, each of your teeth is on a meridian that impacts different organs in your body, and the oral biome is essential yet often overlooked and disrupted by toxic toothpaste and mouthwash.

Here are a couple key things you can do today to improve your oral health:
- Remove fluoride from not just your toothpaste, but water as well!
- Don’t use mouthwash
- Floss after every meal
- Visit a holistic dentist and start removing toxicity from your mouth

 Below are some products and brands that are doing things right. Find replacements for the things you use every day, and explore options for optimizing your oral biome.

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