Every organ in your body, your cell phone, WiFi, electricity – everything in our world vibrates at its own frequency. We are energetic beings and there are electromagneticfields everywhere, it is the non-native EMF’s that we are most aware of and try to mitigate.

Use the free resources and tools outlined below to create a lifestyle that minimizes your exposure to non-native EMFs and increases your body's harmonization.
- Try to disconnect from wifi when you can and/or hardwire the internet in your home
- Turn your phone on airplane mode whenever in WIFI (then your phone won’t be looking for service on top of WIFI)
- Try to avoid plugging electronics in the bedroom while sleeping
- Avoid keeping your phone in your pocket
- Remove or replace old electricity
- Be aware of where the closest 5g towers are to your home or work place
- Use the speaker function on your phone or wired headphones (NOT bluetooth earbuds) when on calls
- Avoid using a laptop or tablet on your lap without protection
- Minimize use of microwaves
- Don’t sit or linger near appliances in your home

Beyond these lifestyle tools, below are some options for bio-energetic technology that offer effective protection from the damaging effects of non-native EMF radiation while supporting and harmonizing the body’s health in its presence.

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