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I have never whitened my teeth because I have veneers (when you know better you do better). 15 years ago I had cavities in every single tooth and I had the 3 root canals, 7 crowns, and 6 veneers....again, so crazy. I remember 15 years ago my dentist telling me to whiten my teeth so they would match my veneers, but I had such bad sensitivity that I stopped whitening them. But recently I went into Arlynd's part of the cabinet and I found these certified nontoxic, microbiome safe whitening strips made by Lumineux! They whiten your teeth without the sensitivity and are enamel safe ahd have no peroxide. It also whitens the veneers - I've been using these strips and doing coconut oil pulling, which also helps whiten, but these strips are incredible! The same company also makes an amazing toothpaste. You can use the discount code “Angi15”! 

Another great fluoride alternative toothpaste is made by Risewell and contains hydroxyapatite. As the main component of tooth enamel, hydroxyapatite is able to chemically bind to teeth and act as a shield. Not only that, but hydroxyapatite "acts as a filler because it repairs small holes depressions on the enamel surface" while being a natural whitening toothpaste. So yeah, it's kind of a big deal. 

We love Risewell because not only is it nontoxic and doesn't have fluoride, but it adds in the minerals and strengthens your enamel - it also tastes good for the kids, they love it and they can eat it. Their mouthwash is also oral microbiome friendly as it doesn't have alcohol in it, so it's not stripping away the good bacteria in your mouth, which is also very important. You can use the discount code “angi10”!

We also love Revitin and kids love it too - it tastes more like oranges and has prebiotics in it and minerals as well. It’s safe for kids and it's a different taste so you just find the one you like - Risewell is minty versus Revtin is citrus-y. 

My bio dentist’s company, Estrella Naturals, also has an amazing toothpaste, mouth rinse, etc. that I love and you can use the discount code Angi15! They also make a copper tongue scraper - copper is antibacterial, and like he said in the Instagram Live that we did - if you're just brushing your teeth and not scraping your tongue you're missing most of the bacteria. 

And what I'll be using after surgery is Pur03 tooth and gum ozonated oils for oil pulling and they also have a dental unit attachment for our ozone machine so that Arlynd will be able to do ozone right into my tooth sockets.  

Recommened Books

Mind-blowing! and breath work is free! Everything that we do is connected - from our breath to our sleep to everything neurologically, physiologically, etc. 

One of the most important tools that we have for healing inside and out is the redox signaling. I've been using this now for a long time, but I’m going to be upping my amount surrounding my surgery and healing period.

An amazing book on ozone - it goes through the entire body, but for dentistry there is incredible information - I will be using ozone, voltage, etc. in my healing.

This is an amazing book on how quantifiable energy is and that it's not just all woo woo crystals (even though crystals all have their own energy systems). things like my c-section scar, root canals - it's all causes of low voltage. Amazing information in this book talking about all the teeth and all the meridians. 

Books Specifically About Dental Health

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